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RamDesk is a free RDP session based remote desktop management software, which can greatly simplify the deployment and maintenance work to help you the fastest in 10-munite about the deployment of a se

RamDesk is a free RDP session based remote desktop management software, which can greatly simplify the deployment and maintenance work to help you the fastest in 10-munite about the deployment of a session based remote desktop system.


n  Server Management: Visually display host hardware information, operating system information, and RDP service status.

n  User Management: Create, delete and edit user account.

n  Session List: The administrator can view the user desktop screen of the logged-in server or directly control the user's desktop.

n  Disk Management: Create the private and public disks for every user.

n  Thin Client Management: List the Jieyun RDP clients in the LAN and could deliver wake on LAN, shutdown, restart operations.

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