How to setup a RDP Connection with J35N in the LAN

Step1: Connect the J35N thin client as the folowing diagram:

Step2: J35N Settings

Step3: Display Settings: Language and Resolution. The thin client can detect the best resolution of the monitor (Preferred Resolution), just select Auto option.


Step4: Network Settings: DHCP or STATIC, please make sure the IP address is available.

Step5:  Use ipconfig to get the IP address of the remote desktop server, static IP address is recommanded

Step6:  Install the RDP Accelerator in the server, it will patch the RDP services, for Windows7, it will take more than 10 minutes.

Step7: Make sure the Remote Desktop Server could ping the J35N

Step8: Add RDP connection in J35N side, fill the server IP address

Step9: If select the Auto Connect, J35N will start the RDP connecting automatically when it startup.

Step10:  Start the RDP connection on J35N side, if it's successful, there should be Windows login portal

FAQ1: If the connection fails as the following figure:

Please check the points one by one:

  • Make sure  the Remote Desktop Server is online

  • Make sure the Remote Desktop Server can ping the J35N

  • Make sure the RDP accelerator has been installed in the server

  • Make sure the RDP servcices is running in the server

FAQ2.   If the connection fails as the following figure:

Please check if the RDP accelerator installed. And can enbale the NLA options on the J35N side.

FAQ3.  How to deploy J35N with Windows shared remote desktop solution:

Please refer to RamDesk for detail.