The thin clients could be patched to fix bugs or change bootup logo.

There are two ways to patch the J35N, J50, J70... 

1, Patch the firmware by USB stick

  (1), Get the patch file from JIEYUN technolgy: update.jytc

  (2), Prepare a USB storage with FAT format

  (3), Copy the update.jytc file to root directory of the USB storage

  (4), Power on the thin client and remember the value of【Image Release Time】 at window

  (5), Insert the USB storage to the device

  (6), Atwindow, click 【Upgrade】 button, and confirm the operation

  (7), System prompt: “System is upgrading, please wait…”, After about 2 minutes, the device will reboot automatically

  (8), If there is a new【Image Release Time】 in system window, the upgrade is successful, the Image Release Time should be changed.

Note: Please do not power off  the device at the step (7)

2, Patch the firmware by TCManager over LAN

  (1), Get the patch file from JIEYUN technolgy: update.jytc

  (2), Install the TCManager in a Windows PC

  (3), Make sure the TCManager can acsess the thin clients over LAN

  (4), Add the thin clients to the list or search it by TCManager

  (5), Select the update.jytc and the thin clients to be patched

  (6), Patch them remotely, if successfully, the thin clients will reboot automatically.