Since the camera redirection can not work stably with USB over IP mode; So, we provide virtual camera feature for RDP and VMware remote desktop virtualization (VDI solution).

(Note: This feature is only available in virtualization scenarios and LAN network; RDP multi-user mode and WAN connections are not currently supported).

Seetings on the thin client side:

1, [Control Center] -> [System] -> [Advance] -> [Global Settings] -> enable the virtual sound card

2, For RDP connection:  [RDP Options] -> disable the [Enable USB devices redirection]  (otherwise, please add the device ID to the USB redirection blacklist)

On the Windows host or virtual machine side:

1, Please download

2, Firstly, for Windows7 or Windows 10, please install the Windows patch: Windows6.1-KB3033929-x64/86.msu

3, Unzip and install it with Setup.exe, please select OK for VirtualAudio and Virtualcamara drivers.

4, Check the devices in Device Management:

        [Device Manager]--[System Deivces]--[USB Virtual Bus System Device]

5, Copy the amcap v3.0.9.exe to the desktop

6、Reboot Windows host

How to test:

Step 1, Contact the thin client with Windows desktop by RDP client

Step 2, Run amcap v3.0.9.exe and select the virtual camera: [Device]->

Step3, [amcap v3.0.9]->[Options]->Preview